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Rage 2 preorder problems

After Fallout 76's exclusive launching on, it is looking like Rage two might be another game to land on the writer's own stage . There's not any list for Rage 2 on Steam, and third party retailers which allow you to preorder the game such as Green Man Gambling and Fanatical listing the stage as Bethesda. Fanatical goes out of its way to ensure that you know you are not purchasing a Steam key, using this note close to the top of the page:"Please be aware that the key supplied is a key rather than a Steam Key."

Though other matches on Bethesda's shop like Prey and Fallout 4 cite'Steam DRM' from the box in which you click to purchase, Rage two's record does not.

I can not say I have some especially strong remarks on the Bethesda launcher, besides being set off by a problem that resulted in the Fallout 76 beta to be deleted and need redownloading. So far as I could tell, Bethesda has not commented on this on the weekend when conversation of the began doing the rounds. I have achieved to clarify whether this will only be published on Bethesda's launcher.

Can this influence your decision to purchase the game in any event? Tell us in the comments.

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