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New RPG from Fallout 1, 2 creator

The most hardcore Fallout fans are probably already desperate to see some deep role-playing game from Bethesda. But we always have Obsidian, who created Fallout: New Vegas and sheltered Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky, the authors of the first two Fallouts, under their roof.

Banners began to appear on the Obsidian official website, offering to buy pistols and products that are “better than natural”. In the pictures you can see brands Spacer’s Choice and Auntie Cleo’s. The first accompanies the melodious advertising “jingle”, which sounds like a gramophone, and the second is signed in small print: “Auntie Cleo’s is not responsible for any physical or mental risk caused by viewing this advertisement.”

Obsidian did not pull the cat by the tail and immediately announced that it was stirring up interest in the announcement of the new RPG, which will be shown during The Game Awards 2018 show. The publisher of the game will be the Private Division - Take-Two Interactive. The development is led by Tim Kane and Leonard Boyarsky.

Other details so far have to be caught in the coffee grounds. For example, in February 2018, fans dug up the fresh trademark The Outer Worlds in Obsidian bins. The name hints at travels beyond Earth — perhaps in space. At the same time, teaser banner ads also point to something cosmic: look at the Space's Choice brand! So The Outer Worlds may well be the name of the new RPG.

Note that Obsidian now joins the Microsoft family. However, apparently, The Outer Worlds (or whatever the name of the game will actually be called) will not be affected - it will be released in conjunction with the Private Division.

The Game Awards 2018 will be held on the night of December 6th to 7th. There are suggestions that they will announce a new game about Alien there and will show fresh materials from Death Stranding.

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